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Founded in 1980, SIMON KAPLO Eng. proudly enjoys a rich history of supplying the Syrian market with high quality engineering equipment and software. The key factors that contributed and are still contributing to the company's success are the focus on customers' needs and the commitment to providing second-to-none customer support.

In the early days, SIMON KAPLO Eng.'s main business was importing surveying instruments and soil testing laboratories to the Syrian market. However, with the huge advancements in the world of computing and software in the last two decades, a new term emerged worldwide to signify the positive impact of these technologies on the surveying and mapping industry. This term is "geomatics." Geomatics today is defined as the disipline of acquiring, processing, visualizing, and analyzing spatially-referenced data.

As a response to these events, SIMON KAPLO Eng. decided to contribute to the geomatics industry by expanding its business to supply a broader range of geomatics products, including ground surveying equipment, map archiving and vectorization solutions, aerial and close-range photogrammetry, GIS, and LIDAR.

Additionally, during the 1990s, SIMON KAPLO Eng. was one of the few leading companies in Syria that worked hard in order to create a market for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Syria. Huge efforts were invested to educate potential GIS users and decision makers about the benefits of GIS and spatial analysis. These efforts began to pay off as more and more companies and government agencies are seeking to incorporate GIS into their businesses.

During the last few years, SIMON KAPLO Eng. entered the geophysical engineering field by supplying state-of-the-art seismic, structural, and dynamic monitoring and measuring solutions. The market potential for geophysical solutions is high and SIMON KAPLO Eng. is committed to exploring this market in order to remain a leading engineering solutions provider.