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VPHybridCAD is designed for efficently processing legacy technical drawings in a CAD environment and is the World's No.1 in top-quality vectorization and hybrid CAD editing with a currently installed base of more than 20,000 licenses. VPHybridCAD combines the benefits of raster-to-vector conversion with intuitive editing and design of both raster and vector objects. Even colored and gray scale drawings can be processed to secure pervasive workflows:

+ scan
+ cleanup
+ edit/modify/design
+ raster to vector conversion (R2V)
+ rasterize
+ archive

With all VPHybridCAD software solutions you can make your choice whether you want to run them inside your AutoCAD or if you prefer stand-alone operation. Floating license network operation is supported at no extra costs.

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VPmap Series bridges the gap between raw mapping material and geographical information systems. VPmap and VPmap pro provide professional interactive tools to create, georeference, and edit spatial data and attribute information from scanned maps for transfer into GIS. Simply convert raster maps into vector-based maps, utilize intelligent attribute-definition functions, and add individual attributes.

The VPmap Series will be targeted at GIS applications, mainly to transfer scanned maps into ArcGIS (ESRI), MapInfo, Autodesk Map etc. Thus, VPmap Series products contain GeoTIFF, SHP, and MIF support for import and export explicitly to and from any common GIS platform

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VPindex - Intelligence for Creating Digital Drawing Archives
Benefit from software intelligence for archiving and indexing drawings: With VPindex you can capture, clean, edit, and index legacy documents and CAD drawings quickly, elegantly, and efficiently - independent of sizes and formats. Plus, an automated capture of text from title blocks provides a quick document retrieval: any relevant text content can be exported into a database or EDMS. Or use it to assign new document file names.

With VPindex you can create a new digital drawing archive, or you can update and reorganize your existing data collection. Both applications are simple and easy to handle: with guided user workflows you will achieve optimum results in just a few steps. While saving on time and costs your productivity will increase substantially and with less effort.

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VPview is an affordable solution for viewing, redlining and printing/plotting of 2D CAD and GIS drawings and scanned documents. Also, zooming, view rotation and panning is possible. Even reviewing the properties of selected objects and CAD entities is possible! Attributes of GIS Entities are also shown. File preview while browsing through directories and fast document loading is combined with extensive zoom and pan features for quick image handling. Redlining is as easy as picking a cloud or an arrow and placing it on the desired area.

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